Monday, September 17, 2007

A Camping We did Go

Jim and I went camping a couple of weeks ago with friends, James, Hanna, baby Abram and Zoe, the dog. Yay, fun!

The first night, the boys took up Fire Breathing 101. I watched nervously, wondering when Jim's asthma would flare up. Thankfully, it didn't and we soon had a fire.

The FireBreathers

Fishing was a main attraction and our camping caravan grew in number with George, Harry, Hal, Sal, Tiny, Splash, and Buckeye, to name a few. By the end of the weekend and after many a tasty meals, the number dwindled back to the original few.

James with his and Hanna's catches, George and Harry

The mosquitos decided that our camping trip looked like fun and joined us, univited. Unfortunately, they don't care whether they've been invited or not, the Pests. Poor Abram very patiently endured each bite. He soon looked as though he acquired the chicken pox.

Before The Great Mosquito Attack

Zoe, our faithful doggie companion and protector, who followed on our heels to the water enjoyed the lake immensely. She swam with the boats, jumped (scooted) off the dock to fetch a tennis ball, and effectively scared off all my imagined fears of strange wild animals and the like. We should get a dog.

Zoe Takes a Dip

All in all, we had a wonderful time. It's hard to imagine that The Four of Us have all endured several boundary waters/Algonquin wilderness trips and in our one weekend at a campsite I had my fill and I, for one, was ready for a bed and a roof and a stove. Oh, my...I'm spoiled.

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Emily, the non-Mormon in Utah said...

Sarah, I love your posts, your pictures are always awesome!

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