Saturday, November 24, 2007

And I Was Thankful

"Are you going home for Thanksgiving?" was a common question asked of us this month.

I'm beginning to understand more than I ever did before the "home" dilemma in which many missionaries and MK's (Missionary Kids) have found themselves.

Coming from a Military Family, I was somewhat familiar with moving and changing schools and making new friends. But, for the most part, I was quite content and rarely shaken by such changes. Now, on the contrary, I find myself struggling more and more with "home."

Well, my answer to the question "Are you going home for Thanksgiving?" was "yes." We were going to Iowa, and for the past many years, Iowa has been my home. But, no one asked the question which would reveal a more accurate answer, "Are you going to family for Thanksgiving?" Then, of course, the answer would be "no." We just left Jim's family in Detroit and my family is all over the country. Although my dear step-dad and his cheerful wife were in the area and we were kindly invited to join them in the evening, we had also recieved an invitation to join my Super Wonderful friend, Gina and her family in the Dutch City of Pella, IA and a second invitation from my Wonderfully Super friend Rose Marie to join her in Itty-Bitty Cambridge, IA. With so many options (and lots of feeling like we were loved), Jim and I decided by way of Rock, Paper, Scissors (best out of three) with whom we were going to spend our Thanksgiving Holiday (I'm terrible at decisions).

And I was thankful. God knew where He wanted us. I was very encouraged by our time with the Van der Molen family. Our conversation was blessed and our laughter, bouyant. Thank you for your hospitality and your constant example of friendliness. In the end, I realized that my answer to "Are you going to family for Thanksgiving?" would be a resounding "yes!"

And to my dear sister in Christ, Gina - I love you!

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Anonymous said...

For me while growing up, home was where my family was. Then in college home was where I lived, which was actually just a dorm room! Now that I am grown and am on my own, I have discovered home is Africa. My home town is where my parents are missionaries, but I feel like I have come home in any sub saharan African country.

Knowing where home is to you won't get any easier, but if you think of your husband as your home, then no matter where you are, if you are together then you are home.


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