Monday, April 28, 2008

Who is the Bravest Person You Know?

When I give my testimony, I usually have it outlined. I know what I'm going to say and I know how long it takes, generally, give or take a few seconds for congergational response. Well, last night at a church where we were presenting our ministry, I had the surprise of my testimony-telling life. I bawled. It wasn't just a trickling of tears. It was a pouring...a fountain...a gushing geyser.

This church was different from every other church we visit. The guy that led me to the Lord is actually the Youth Pastor at this church. While I was giving my testimony, I decided to add a few little tid-bits to personalize it more. Like, that I recently took a picture of the place that I got saved. That made me choke up...then, the aforementioned question, "Who is the Bravest Person You Know?" came to mind. Someone asked me this question several months ago. I answered that it was Adam Standley, the guy that led me to the Lord, because he was brave enough to share Christ with me so I could know life abundant and eternal! This thought hasn't occured to me since I've been asked it. So, I had no way to prepare for such an emotional outpouring of thanksgiving! It just randomly came to me while I was standing behind the pulpit. I spewed out the words, and the waterworks began. I had totally lost control and I think I even squeaked.

All that to say this: Think of who led you to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Who was the influence in your life to trust Jesus as your Savior? Who helped you to see that there was hope beyond your seemingly hopeless life? Who stirred your heart toward the grace and mercy that can pull you out of a life of sin and hurtful choices? Who gave you the insight to see that there really is a choice and a second chance? Who was bold enough to tell you the truth that you were a sinner in need of forgiveness even when you didn't want to hear it? Who opened the Bible with you one dark day to show you the Light of Life? Who is the bravest person you know?

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Mom Engle said...

How awesome, and what a message. It's so nice to
receive these updates from you. It allows me to feel
as if you aren't so far away. thanks,

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