Monday, April 14, 2008

You Know it's Monday When...

1. You make your husband late for work because you had to hit the snooze ONE more time.

2. You are pulling out of the driveway to get to work (late-ish) and you realize the right rear tire is FLAT, so you transfer everything from Car A to Car B (thankfully we have a Car B) and proceed.

3. You drop your husband off at work (even later now and in the "other" car) and you realize you forgot your phone (and you need to make an important phone call TODAY), your husband forgot his phone (and he has to make an important phone call TODAY, too), and you forgot various other things for which you may as well return home.

4. You get home to retrieve the forgotten phones (who can live in a world of land-lines, you know) and on your way out (about 7 miles away from the driveway), you decide to take the "short-cut" to the main highway, which is a dirt road. As you accelerate you find that the car is acquiring a mind of its own and is not steering properly and what sounds like a giant rock...clunk...hits the underside of your car. Stupid Dirt Roads, Ruts 'n All! It occurs to you that perhaps you have yet another flat tire. Chances are? At the intersection of the busy Highway and the pot holey dirt road you stop to investigate. You observe four completely full and fat tires. You situate yourself in the drivers seat to be on your merry way, your foot hits the gas....nothing but a skid sound and about 1 foot of progress. You press the gas a bit more cautiously the second time, to no avail. Diagnosing that the car is either ailed with "Stubborn Car Syndrome" or the rock from the previous clunk was lodged somewhere in the wheel well, you relectantly investigate once more only to find a metal bar unusually out of place, not connected to what it's supposed to be connected to...apparently.

5. A guy in an electricians truck comes to "check out the problem." He said, "It's not gonna drive like that." Really? In car terms, you are told that the "tie rod end" is broken.

On the contrary to Monday, you know that God is keeping you safe when...

1. You randomly decided to take the dirt road on which you only accelerate up to 35-40 mph. If you had decided to take the usual route, the "tie rod end" would have given out while you were traveling at speeds up to 65-70 mph. This would have been a disaster, you realize and you thank God for His protection.

2. Your husband works at a place flexible enough where can get off work anytime to help his "damsel in distress."

3. You have a friend (named Ariel) who willingly loans your husband his sporty little Saturn to rescue you and the lame car.

4. You can call friends (like Hanna) and chat the time away, going on about your Monday happenings while you're waiting for your Knight in Shining Armor to arrive.

5. Tie Rod End's cost only $15.

6. Your husband is mechanically inclined and can fix the problem Johnny on the Spot and he's not the least bit mad at you for making him late for work in the first place.


Jessica VDM said...

Lol...You forgot to add number 7!! Mondays turn out to be great stories. :) I enjoy your take on life. :) And I'm super glad everything turned out ok!

Jamie Saylor said...

Yeah, my husband is great like that too. I love that he can fix things in the house and cars. Our very own handy men. How did you cook the pheasant by the way?

Sarah said...

I'll be posting the recipe soon! :)

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