Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Frequent Stops for Photo Opps

On our Memorial Day drive from the UP of Michigan to Iowa, we made frequent stops for photo opps (ooo, that sounds like it would make a good post title). We enjoyed a relaxed and picturesque trip home. Unfortunately, some photo opps came at a not so opportune time...like when we were flying down the interstate at 70 mph with no convenient place to stop. Except for the time we saw the Bald Eagle.

My favorite stop was in Plateville, WI. They have a beautiful visitor's center with a stream and a garden with a walking path. A great place to stop, stretch your legs and take a dip in the stream. A 4 inch, ankle-deep dip, which I do not have pictured because I didn't like it (the picture, that is...the dip was instantly refreshing).

This is the Allium Gladiator...
related to the onion family and originally grown in China.

I did a little color-work to this one, just for fun.

Does this make anyone else think of "Horton Hears a Who"?


Pretty Columbine.

White & Pink Bleeding Heart

I have no idea what this is either, but Jim really liked the pattern on the leaves. I liked them, too.

Viney Things...


Now, you can't be in the UP of Michigan without seeing a black bear or kissing one, for that matter.

Now, I recognize this isn't the most attractive picture of me...but, who is when they are roaring like a bear. They don't call me Sar-Bear for nothin'.

It's affordable and fun. You should come for dinner sometime.

An image (doctored for impact) on the road.

Here, we just turned down an offer to go Whitewater Rafting...uh..in THESE clothes, in THIS temperature (remember, we're up north)...NO thank you.

Oh, and we got to see Jim's cousin's (Jeremy & Naomi) new baby, Abigail. Aww.


HonorMommy said...

so talented....

Sarah said...

aw...thanks. :) We have fun with it! Glad you enjoy it...

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