Friday, May 16, 2008

He Might Have ESP

Today I was at the grocery store with my friend Hanna and her particularly cute son, Abram. As we were checking out Abram pointed to a man walking by saying "Dat, Dat" which traslates, "Who is that?"

I figure out exactly who or what Abram is pointing at and answer "It's just some dude." Maybe he'll start referring to every guy as "dude."

Abram keeps his eye on The Dude as he walks down the main aisle of the store, to the sunglasses and stares and points and cranes his neck until The Dude is completely out of sight.

A few moments later, The Dude shows up behind us in the check out line. Abram stares.
"Hi" I say to The Dude. "Abram here has been keeping his eye on you since you walked in. He followed you all the way to the Sunglasses and kept pointing and asking me who you were." We laugh.

The Dude smiles at Abram and makes eyes at him the way most adults communicate with 2 year olds. "Maybe I look like someone he knows." said The Dude.

"Maybe," I reply with a friendly smile. "Have a nice day," I gesture a wave and turn to put my purchases on the conveyor belt.

The Dude goes over to the next lane where he doesn't have to wait, and Abram watches slyly as he makes his way to the other side of us, still clearly in view. I study The Dude's facial features to see if does indeed look like someone else we know. He doesn't to my knowledge.

We exit the store and proceed to our cars, which happen to be parked only feet away from The Dude. I hear a car alarm go off, but think nothing of it. Hanna says, "That guy just locked his keys in the car or something, because he just used a hanger to get inside that car."

"Our Guy?" I asked.

"Yes," Hanna confirmed, "Our Guy."

My first response was, "Wow, that's pretty's hard to get into some cars with hangers." I looked over at the honking car (noticed the make and's much like our own.) and then thought, "Why would he have a hanger? Unless he knew he was going to lock his keys in the car, which isn't very likely. Strange. Abram - you knew there was something funny about that guy."

And now I'm ready to give a very thorough description of The Dude and The Car. Just in case I'm called as a witness. And now I wonder if Abram has a special gift.


HonorMommy said... is never boring with you....

HonorMommy said...

You do a great job of creating the tone of a story btw...completely changed from a "happy" story to a "scary" story with just one sentence....that's why you would make a great author! :-D

gina said...

Kids are like dogs... They can sense evil. :) (lol. i dunno what i'm talking about, but it sounded good to me)

Sarah said...

like dogs in that they drool and you can't always understand what they want, and are extremely cute & cuddly.

Thanks Tara...I love story-telling!

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