Friday, May 23, 2008

Home Sweet Home

At the end of April, I got to show Jim around my "old stomping grounds" as they say.

We visited the house I grew up in...the meaning of this place flooded over me. I accepted Christ in front of this house and that's the memory and the moment that would change my life forever...for eternity. It was such a strange feeling not to just walk into the house like it was my own, and such a strange feeling to think that other people were living in it now. If I had the guts (and the time) I might have knocked on the door and asked for a tour. Maybe next time.

You know how something as simple as a tree can bring back memories...well, this one has. It was the best tree ever to hide behind and use to build snowforts around. It was the tree we where we always met our friends. It was my thinking tree. Sometimes, I would go outside, and rest at the foot of this tree...the roots made a good seat. Other times, I would glare at the tree as if it were my worst enemy. Mowing the lawn around it was NOT an easy job. This was my tree.


HonorMommy said...

I think you are brave just walking around the yard when new people live there...I couldn't do that! :-P

Sarah said...

I couldn't help it! :) It felt so didn't really even occur to me that someone else lived there! :) Ha!

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