Monday, June 2, 2008

A Heart Melting Moment

We have rhubarb.

I wanted make something rhubarb.

I picked some rhubarb (some of which was pooped on by a bird).

I washed the rhubarb.

I found a rhubarb recipe.

It was called Rhubarb Crisp, which I consistently mis-pronounce as Crips.

It was easy.

I cut the rhubarb into little chunks.

I found a cute heart shaped baking dish.

I wanted to use it to make heart-shaped rhubarb crisp for Jim, because I HEART him.

It was not a glass cake pan.

Or a metal one.

It was a plastic type material.

I lost the instructions for how to use it.

Jim said it might melt.

I said who would make a cake pan that melted.

I filled it with yummy cakey goodness.

And put it in the 375 degree oven and set the timer for 30 minutes.

We went for a walk.
We enjoyed the fireflies.

Upon entering the house, we didn't smell yummy rhubarb crisp.

It smelled like burnt plastic.

I felt like a dork.

I took some pictures...might as well.

It didn't melt onto the oven's bottom...for that, I was glad.

The electricity went out - a frequent occurence in our town.
We cleaned up.
In the dark.

We ate still yummy rhubarb crisp, by candlelight.
It was romantic.


HonorMommy said...

oh...but the melted cake pan heart is kind of artistic.... ;-D

Sarah said...

Optimist. :)

mom engle said...

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah.

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