Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nursery Tidbits

I have to tell you about the most adorable thing that happened in the nursery last night!

I wasn't necessarily scheduled to be in the nursery, but as Jim will tell you, I am known to disappear in the middle of the service and be found playing with the kids in the nursery. I'm not sure what that says about me...

Anyway, so yesterday was a unique time in the nursery. There were babies ALL over the place! Crying babies, crawling babies, babies throwing things and biting things. I think it was a good thing I ended up there last night. I held little Hannah almost the whole time. I think she's teething because she drooled all over me as she sobbed.

Oh, but that's only the introduction. I must get to the point. It's such a funny story.

One of the 7 year old boys was in the nursery last night helping with his two younger sisters. He became our "little helper," identifying exactly who it was that was stinky. He went around smelling little baby bums, to no avail. But, he was completely convinced that someone had messed their pants. In his search, he pointed to a 2 1/2 year old girl.

"She's stinky!" He said.

"I'm not a baby!" She replied. "I have panties!" She pointed her finger at him in disgust. "And they're pony panties!"

Then, she came over to me, sat in my lap, stroked my hair and said, "I like your hair..."

And then I heard the cutest little toot I've ever heard...coming straight from Little Miss Pony Panties herself.

I could NOT help but laugh. This was a truly funny thing to experience!


Jenna said...

CUTE! I can only try to imagine who it was. :) Everybody's growing up so fast!

princessofsomething said...


Sarah said...

Characters in this story are as follows - for the benefit of Jenna, who might find this WAY cuter if she could see their faces:

Josiah played the part of our stinky bum detective.

April was our star, who played the part of Pony Panties Girl.

HonorMommy said...

I must say that you might get a similar dialog from the girls in my home...pony panties are the undies of choice for Honor...

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