Friday, July 11, 2008

I ♥ U & Kisses, too.

Mail Call comes twice a day at Whispering Cedars Baptist Camp. After lunch and after dinner.

The tradition goes like this: You get three pieces of mail, you kiss "The Dirty Bird."

Meet "The Dirty Bird."

Being the devious and romantic wife that I am (yes, you can be both at once) I decided to give Jim the Whispering Cedars Mail Call experience of his lifetime and send him three pieces of mail.

A big "I"

A big "♥"


A big "U."

(That's Pastor Hayes from Grand Island, NE on the right.)

Then, of course, Jim had the wonderful privilege of kissing The Dirty Bird.

As the kids were chanting "Kiss - The -Dirty - Bird!" Jim puckered up and "SMACK." I made him hold the pose long enough for the picture below. What a sport.

And again for this one...

Jimster, I really do ♥ you!

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Anonymous said...

Oh goodness when I went to Whispering Sneakers the dirty bird was way ickier than that. They must have gotten a new one! And of course my parents always made sure I had plenty of mail.

when we lived in WI I attended Camp Fairwood pretty much every year, and there you had to sing if you got three pieces of mail. My first year especially, I had to sing pretty much every day. I didn't really care though, I loved attention then almost as much as I do now. LOL.

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