Thursday, August 28, 2008

Anyone up for a 20 hour Drive?

I want to go to New York City.

About this time last year (actually, it was in October - so I'm a little ahead of myself) we were driving to New York City. We stayed in Queens for several wonderful weeks. It's strange the peace that is harbored in a Christian home in the middle of bustling city life. That is what our time in New York City was like. Peaceful. And I want to go back.

Funny thing is, we got an invitation to go back to a church in New York that we visited a year ago. So, I'm hoping my little dream of a New York Visit will soon come true.

Another funny thing. Have you ever realized what you are truly happy doing right in the middle of not doing it. Well, I think - as difficult as traveling is - I love it. And I miss it. It's only been about 5 months since we've been in one place and I'm already itching to go. Just ask Jim how many times I've said "I want to go to Michigan. Doesn't it feel like it's time to pack up and drive?" or "Don't you want to go to Wisconsin? I do."

I love meeting people, sharing our hearts and burden about Germany with them, listening to them share their hearts with us. BUT, it's apparent to me that God wants us to stay put (like Joshua), meet people where we are, share our hearts with those nearest us and hear their hearts, too. What was it Paul said? Be content, whatever state you are in? That goes for the contiguous United States, as well...I'm sure. *wink*

So, maybe we'll go to New York soon...that would be wonderful. But, for now. I need to love where I am...more.

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HonorMommy said...

Hmmmm...have you ever been to Arizona?????

Side note: my "mystery word" is garfsm...I think that is funny...sounds like a quote from Garfield...

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