Friday, August 8, 2008

New Jobs and other Random Bits.

So, I started this New Job on Monday. It's part-time...and I like my Hubby Time and Friend Time, too. So, that seems to leave little time for posting. So, excuse my absence, but I must adjust to my new schedule and hopefully, I'll be a more faithful blogger.

By the way, my ICL Prof like my story...except she didn't call it a story. It doesn't count for a story. It's more a of a vignette, she said. True, true. Most stories have a plot. Mine was, just was.

Jim and I went to the Iowa State Fair yesterday (for free). It was completely awesome. Fifteen straigt HOURS of complete awesomeness, to be exact. More on that later.

And did you know that in British/English French Fries are called "Chips" and Chips are called "Crisps?"

And that today is "Sneak some Zucchini onto your Neighbors Porch Night?" We don't have Zucchini, so we can't participate. *sigh*

BUT, it's also "Dollar Day" - the day the US dollar was created. can I celebrate that?

Fear not, though. It's "Admit you're Happy Day", too...and that's free.

And for the's "Girls Night Out." So, go out and do something crazy. (Legal Crazy, and Moral Crazy that is.)


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HonorMommy said...

Always helpful with the "day" celebrations :-D.

So...did you "pass" your story or not? What is a vignette??? (And yes, that is coming from someone with an English minor...**sigh**...

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