Friday, December 26, 2008

Love Bottles...and other ramblings.

"Love Bottles?" you ask. I know, I know. Sounds a little - uh - strange. But, really it's a cool thing and I plan on getting one. I think I need to insert here (for your entertainment) that I just overheard my hubby and his bro discussing the organization of their clothes drawers - not the sock drawer or the shirt drawer or the pants drawer - the drawers drawer...hmmm...okay. Now you know what it feels like to be home. Anyhoo, back to Love Bottles. I was thinking about how much I loath drinking from plastic bottles. For one reason, we go through so many - it seems a waste of money and and just plain old not healthy. I mean, really, it's a conscience thing. I can't let myself drink so much bottled water that I feel like my insides are turning to plastic remnants themselves. So, I googled glass water bottles...because everyone knows beverages taste better in glass. Coke for instance (which, for your information, contains a natural "thing" in the cocoa bean that helps relieve nausea - and I know this because I am now 13 weeks pregnant and have tried this myself. Doc says it's the only time during pregnancy that she'll recommend Coke.) Surprise. I guess I let that little piece of info slip in there, huh? Yep. July 4th. Okay, back to the Love Bottles, which have nothing to do with the pregnancy, although some might venture to guess they did. Eh-hem. So, I think I'm getting one because yes, it's healthier to drink from glass and they're kinda cute...and I'll think of it as a gift to myself for being the baby doesn't have to drink plastic, too.

Oh, and here's the Love Bottle link.

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