Monday, February 16, 2009

The Hulk vs. The Jolly Green Giant

So, I was thinking today as I was making my Broccoli and Tortellini Alfredo (with Green Giant Frozen Broccoli Florets) for lunch that the Jolly Green Giant could SO beat up the Incredible Hulk.

Here's my logic. Seriously, the Jolly Green Giant's dispostion of well, jolly-ness would be to his advantage. I think the Incredible Hulks temper, though it's what makes him so powerful, is a great weakness in the end.
I mean, really people...the above-pictured Jolly Green Giant looks so much more calm and confident. It makes you respect him. Where the below-pictured Hulk looks like a spaz who can't control himself and it makes me want to laugh at him.

Also, the Jolly Green Giant IS a Giant, and the Incredible Hulk is merely a dude with a bad temper who morphs into a bigger green dude with an even worse temper. My apologies to Ben, my bro-in-law, for I know The Incredible Hulk was your childhood hero. And to anyone else favoring The Incredible Hulk to the Jolly Green Giant, I have more arguments as to why JGG would totally whomp on IH.

Vegetables. Yes, vegetables. I hardly think that IH is eating the right amount of vegetables on a daily basis...if at all. I'm sure he just feeds on Pizza and Mt. Dew. We all know that JGG's diet is far superior to IH, and therefore could totally take IH in a match of cricket, game of hopscotch, or a round of bloody knuckles.

Mmm...and this Broccoli and Tortellini Alfredo is delish. Bring it on Hulk.

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