Saturday, February 28, 2009

Walking on Broken Glass: The Sequel

Poetic Justice, I call it.

So, the other day, I was waiting patiently at home for my beloved, sipping on Ocean Spray's White-Cran Peach juice...from one of the glasses that hails from another post. I reached for the glass and it tipped only slightly and ever-so-softly "tinked" on the side of the projector. I caught it. Whew. Enough "glass drama" for the week, I didn't need another break...or White-Cran Peach juice on the projector. Jim would have a reason to be upset about that one!

Relieved, I brought the glass up to my lips and before I could indulge in the White-Cran Peachy goodness, I saw this:

Eeek! Um, not drinkin' outta that! Talk about a tonsillectomy! Anyhoo. I was shocked. I didn't even hear the thing break! In TWO places, no less! So, that's that for my Pier One, hand-blown, hand-painted glasses (on clearance.) Yes...we're still planning on using them - but there aren't going to be any "Cheers" in this house, or we'll be literally, "walking on broken glass."

From now on, I'll resort to my good ole Ball Canning Jars as glasses...I love those more anyway.


Emily Breyfogle said...

Wow, those puppies are fragile! I am glad you discovered it sooner than later. We wouldn't want you to become an Annie Lennox song title! And now I might have to go find that song....

Britt said...

Oh my goodness! That was a close one!

Such a shame .. they are such pretty glasses. I like the way thin glasses feel in my hands, but I'm a bit too clumsy to own them!

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