Friday, March 6, 2009

Alphabet Art EXPOSED!

Finally, yesterday's weather was BEAUTIFUL enough for me to finally get outside and check off one of my "Things To Do When the Sun Comes Out."

For quite some time, I've been wanting to do a little Alphabet Photo Scavenger Hunt. It turned out to be much more work than anticipated, but the results were worth it. With the results I hope to be an encouragment to many via gifts and providing affordable Alphabet Art for all!

I also wanted to make Josefine a cool Alphabet to learn by - I was getting a little worn out by the common "A is for Apple" method.

Here is a little of what I came up with. I haven't got all the letters of the Alphabet yet, but after another excursion today, I hope to have collected enough to make many a happy words or monograms! If you think this is as amazing as I do and want a word, or even one enlarged letter, for yourself or someone else, I'd be happy to provide! Just a comment, some communication and a compartively modest fee (believe me, MUCH cheaper than other options) will do the trick, and you'll have your very own Alaphabet Art to display!

Also, I have more Letter options than just what is displayed below. This is just a preview and maybe what you would call "my first exposure" (no pun intended!) on my Alphabet Photograhy!

I'll soon be setting up a method (most likely through my "Captured by Sarah" Photography Blog) for you to see and choose which letters YOU want to make up your word/name/monogram.

"K" coming soon!

"M" coming soon!
"N" coming soon!

"Q" coming soon!

"W" coming soon!

"Z" coming soon!


mom engle said...

you continue to amaze me! said...

that is soooo cool. Where did you find all this stuff? Sarah, do you have too much time on your hands??

HonorMommy said...

You should learn how to do framing (if you don't know how seem to know everything!). You could really sell these at craft fairs or online...especially with the word idea...REALLY current and a great idea. I LOVE it!!!

HonorMommy said...

Are you going to turn these into a book? You could get it published. It is really a neat idea!

Sarah said...

Thanks for all your kind comments!

Mom...It's possible I have too much time on my hands...hehe...but, I'm think I'm using it well! ;)

Yes, Tara...I love framing - but that's where it gets really spendy, so I'm looking for options...and thanks for the craft fair idea...and book idea...I think you're on to something, friend!

Mommy Perrott said...

That is just about the coolest thing ever!! You are so creative!

Britt said...

I *love* these! You have such an awesome eye .. so much creativity!

God has truly given you an amazing gift.

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