Monday, March 23, 2009

Pregnancy Diaries: Jim and Josefine bond

So, I was reading pregnancy stuffs the other day and came across an interesting fact about week 25 (which is where Josefine and I are in this journey...well, technically, if you want to get down to business, she's only 23, but who's counting?). Did you know that around this time in pregnancy you can HEAR the baby's heartbeat if you put your ear up against your tummy!? Ok, many of us could bend our ears to our abdomens if we WEREN'T pregnant??? Yeah, I know. BUT, I was able to put Jim up to it.

Jim put his ear (his good ear, mind you) against my tummy, right about where I said I could feel Josefine rolling around. He said he could hear a "swoosh, swoosh" and a "thump" when she kicked (or elbowed) him in the ear! Then, he said he could hear a faint pitter patter of her little heart. He "bu-bu-bu-bupped" the sound of it outloud and I put my fingers up to my neck to check my pulse. Was he hearing my heartbeat or Josefine's? That was the Big Question. But, his mimicking of what he heard was nearly twice as fast as my own heartrate, which Dr. says is what baby's heartbeat usually is. So, we deduced, it was Josefine!

What a great experience for Jim...especially since he's been on the outside for the whole time. He got to experience something that I physically couldn't! So...where can I find a stethescope???


Katie said...

I have no idea what "technicality" you're speaking of.....but don't turn back the clock on me!!! It's 25 weeks! Please, I beg you ;)

Sarah said...

You're wish is my command...25. For you, Katie. For you. ;)

HonorMommy said...

How sweet! When we were first pregnant with Honor we went so far as to rent a heart rate monitor just so we could be sure she was still in there until I could feel her all the time...Paul got really good at using that :-D.

Mom said...

Sarah,I love your stories, and your updates on the baby. I was wondering if you could get your ear down to your tummy. That must have been a great experience for Jim. I looked up your Lyra's hood pattern and I want to make one for my granddaughter, maybe even one for me, but maybe I am too old for that. Take care, Carol, Nancy's Mom

Sarah said...

Awww! Mom Freund! I'm so glad you are keeping up on us via my blog! :) That's really fun! I'm glad, too that you enjoy the updates. I don't think I'll ever get my ear down to my tummy...but, maybe as the weeks progress my ear and my tummy could possible meet! ;) We DID end up getting a stethescope...which I hope to update you with via Bloggy Land!
That's great that you liked Lyra's Knitted Hood. I LOVE it! I already have an "order" in to make one for a friend!

P.S. You're NEVER too old for fun knits! :)

Nancy said...

Sarah, you're at Day 100-To-Go! Yippee! I got confused too about you getting your ear to your tummy and wondered if you had special gymnastic training :) But I'm guessing you're yet not at Ear-Meets-Tummy Time.

Nancy, Carol's daughter

Sarah said...

Oooh! I'm glad you updated me on my "days to go!" I may have totally overlooked that, b/c I don't visit my own blog daily! ;) YAY! It'll go by fast. I remember when Jim and I counted down from 100 to our wedding day...and that FLEW! I'll let you know when I get to Ear-meets-Tummy Time! Haha!

Sarah, Nancy's Freund

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