Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pregnancy Diaries: A New Game for Josefine!

About 3 weeks ago, I read that you could hear baby's heartbeat w/ the aid of a stethescope. Faintly, but true. So, Jim and I thought it'd be fun to purchase an affordable ($14 at Wally World) stethescope to have yet another way to hear what's goin' on in Josefine's little space.

So, we got the stethescope, placed it on my belly with just a little pressure to get rid of some of the outside noises. We found, through this, that Josefine likes to play a little game with us...wherever we put the stethescope (or any pressure for that matter) she pushes up RIGHT against that very place. We'll move the stethescope to another part of my belly, and again, without fail, she pushes up in that place as well! My theory is, she's got good aim and likes to play...but, then again she could just be thinking "Get outta my space, will ya?!"

Looking for proof... ;)


Amy said...

Lily did the same thing! I would rest my Bible on my belly when I did my devotions in the morning and she would push up against it -- at first I thought it was an accident but then I realized she did it no matter where I placed it! This provided Dave and I endless hours of entertainment...yes, we are that easily entertained :)

I always imagined that she was thinking, "Can't you see how cramped I am in here? Give me some space!" :)

Carrie said...

Sarah, just found your blog from Facebook (we went to college & camp together)- that's so exciting that you're married to a missionary, and expecting a baby!!! Congratulations!!! :) Motherhood is so much fun. :)

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