Monday, May 4, 2009

Photography Blog Update

As you can see, I've been WONDERFULLY busy with photoshoots as of late. Ezekiel, normally camera-shy and very active, was such a fun kid to spend time with. All we did was play, play, play and did the things Ezekiel loves to do. Chase rabbits, play hide-and-seek, and pretend to be Ruby (a puppy). We worried it would be tough to catch this active little guys expressions, smiles and to get eye contact. A few hundred clicks later, we found that, if we just went with the flow, it was pretty easy to get some real personality out of Ezekiel! He can run...and he can hide...but, he can't keep his true colors from shining through! Thanks, Ezekiel, for a fun, FUN, photoshoot!
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Carrie said...

As always, your pictures are adorable!!! :) Great job! :)

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