Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Photography Blog Update

Ah, engagements. Just gotta love 'em! I SO enjoy doing an engagement photoshoot. The couple is often so "engaged" in eachother, I have NO problem at all getting natural shots of love! It's so sweet and always lots of fun! I like to say it's a two-for-one deal for them. They get their engagement photos taken AND they get to go on a really fun date together! :) That's how much my couples enjoy their time together during their photoshoots. Often, I think they forget that I'm even there! Sarah & Darrel were no exception! They had such a fun time just "being" that I hardly had to for the booger of a hill I had to climb (and nearly roll down) to get to and from the sandy shore of Saylorville Lake! :) Sarah is a friend of mine and I've always hoped she would find a wonderful man who would treat her like a "princess" (Sarah means "princess" if ya didn't know) and boy, does he! I'm so excited to be doing their wedding photos in August! What a beautiful bride and handsome groom they will be!
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HonorMommy said...

loved the shot with the ring on the flower...very creative! :-D

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