Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Flashback

Sooo, I was reading my friend Sarah's blog today...and it totally reminded me of the time Jim's truck caught fire on the Hwy. He coasted into town (How he did without completely freaking out, I don't know) and parked in the Best Western's parking lot. (I'm sure they were just THRILLED.) Jim called 911 - he thought the beast was going to go up into flames. We were blessed...THIS TIME. The truck, whom I have affectionately named "Vulcan"...look it up...survived the ordeal. Shortly after Jim's call, an officer decided to come to the rescue. Well, he totally drove by the truck and into the OTHER half of the parking lot. The smoke apparently didn't give enough of an indication that it was on fire. When the officer finally did pull up to the truck he said, "It's on fire? Now???" Jim was SO lucky I wasn't there to reply. I may have stuck my foot in my mouth with something like. "No, we just called 911 BEFORE we started it on fire..." I get in trouble with my sarcasm sometimes.

Anyway, Officer Obvious WAS heroic and used his handy-dandy fire extinguisher to salvage our truck (it's been salvaged a few other times...it's in the business). Whew. And now, we can continue to transport various and asundry large things to our house, which is STILL under construction.

Also, big thanks to our dear friend, Dan'l for supporting his missionaries and helping tend to(and pay for) Vulcans injuries...we couldn't say THANK YOU enough.

And thanks, Sarah for letting me bounce this post off of yours...I give you credit for the idea. Otherwise, I'd just be posting ANOTHER "photography blog update." I need to write more.


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Man we have a lot in common :)

"I get in trouble with my sarcasm sometimes." Same. Here.

Looking forward to seeing you guys on Sunday!

(Our neighbor. the mechanic, thinks he might be able to fix Ben's car too :)

HonorMommy said...

Wow! Scary! Glad he was okay!

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