Thursday, September 3, 2009

Photography Blog Update

KD is a photographer in the, we took a stroll around town to talk photography and take some photos for this year's school pictures. It was a fun time all around, although it was nearly 100 degrees (not kidding) and I was oh, 8 mos pregnant. I wish I could say it was a cinch. But, I know I can say it was wonderfully fun. Especially when we were in the shade. :) Thanks, KD for a wonderful photoshoot! Click her photo to see MORE!

Triona is one of the cutest little kiddos I know, with a serious dollface! There are some photos she looks just like a porcelain doll and you wonder if she was made in China. ;) Her One-Year photoshoot was also in the midst of my 8th month of pregnancy...near the 9th. It was fun to snap her photo, all the while thinking of when I get to meet my little one. Babies are oh-so-precious and I do enjoy capturing them. Triona gets an A+ for this one! Wanna see MORE of Triona? You guessed it, click the photo!

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