Friday, October 9, 2009

Show Us Your Life: Is that Weird?

I'm from Iowa, Jim is from Michigan.
We have both Hawkeye and UofM Decals stuck
to the back window of our car...
and yet, I had NO idea the the Hawkeyes
were playing Michigan today
...or whatever day.
Is that weird?
Jim loves the Tigers and I'm a Cubs fan,
and when Jim checked online to find out that the Tigers were no longer in the
...what series???
My guess was the "World Series"
but Jim told me it was for something else.
Is that weird?
Jim can know what's going on in sports because
he overheard a conversation while he was installing something electrical
or because he caught a glimpse of the sports section in the paper.
I don't even know who the big players are,
or who is the Big 10...or is it 8?
Is that weird?
We don't even watch TV...
but we'll hook up the projector to see a movie
we've been waiting, waiting, waiting to come out on DVD
...Mosters Vs. Aliens, for example.
Is that weird?
I overheard someone talking about The Amazing Race.
My first thought was "That show is still playing?"
As though it were ages ago when it first aired...
like when I was a kid or something and
it should be on that cable channel called something about "retro?"
Is that weird?
When we do watch TV, we love the news.
Ed Wilson is our favorite weather man and
I cried when I heard that Meterologist JerryAnn Ritter had her baby
on Groundhogs Day...
Is that weird?
Or another time we watch TV is when we're staying in a hotel.
So, we watch a show about ginormous wedding cakes
(something like, the Incredible Cake Off?)
and shows on Animal Planet
or our favorite MythBusters on Discovery.
They usually have ESPN, but when Jim turns it on,
it's nothing we're interested in.
Is that weird?
I'm all about cheap-to-free tickets to the I-Cubs games.
And when we go,
I don't remember the score...but,
I'd rather juggle the free baseballs we got at the gate.
Is that weird?
The Capitol is in the background, though...
and that's pretty. :)


Anonymous said...

So fun! You're a great juggler! I'm going to have to check out this Show Us Your Life thing... :)

Have a great weekend!

He & Me + 3 said...

You are good at juggling. None of that is weird either. Some of it I can totally relate to.

Emily said...

Yes... not being overly passionate about sports (like me) is weird. And it must be nice. ;-)

Oh yeah.... go Hawkeyes!

Brookie said...

MICHIGAN IS GOING TO WIN!!! And the game is tomorrow night.

I'm excited to have found your blog - I'm dating a man who was raise overseas by missionary parents.

He has recently been accepted to seminary... so... time will tell and the Lord will reveal...


stb said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Go Blue :-)

Emily said...

Just to counteract the hyperactive amount of cheering for Michigan (gag)

GO HAWKEYES!!! (BTW, they are favored. and they are playing at Kinnick... making it soooo in the bag!!)

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