Wednesday, October 14, 2009

*WishList* Wednesday: Like Inspector Gadget...or Cooler!

The MOMENT I saw this...I really, really, really wanted it. The Super-Secret Spy Lens from Photojojo. Awesomness, no? You MUST watch the video on the link - it shows the lens "in action" in an amazing and hilarious way.

(James, Darling - if you're reading this, consider it part of the Christmas List)

Don't you think it would be absolutely pefect for catching those candids of, for real? Oh, man...I'm so digging this!

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Anonymous said...

I'm drooling over that, too. Candids are my favorite. When I shoot weddings with my husband, I'm always doing the journalistic stuff. And at first my tactic was to just get a really long zoom and try to focus in on people but images shot at close range with little zoom come out SO much better but then of course EVERYONE knows that you are shooting them. So this is awesome! :)

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