Monday, November 2, 2009

Married a Missionary: Hope Deferred Makes the Heart Sick...

He is in Michigan, I am in Iowa. He's going to propose soon. I just know it. Probably in Germany during our short-term missions trip - the first time we get to see eachother since I got back from my sisters in California a few weeks ago. I mean...he has to before July. He's going through candidate school and will be soon raising support to go to Germany. He can't go without me...
I'm sure of it. Oh, the anticipation!

I'm riding my bike in the summer rain, talking to my man on my cell phone. The ever-popular-during-long-distance-relationships earpiece is my favorite thing. EVER.

"Whatcha doin'?" A question I ask expecting detail. I want it to be like I was right there with him.

"Helping mom look at apartments and houses to rent..."

"Cool. That sounds like fun. Ya findin' anything?"

"Yeah...I'm going to sign a year lease to live with her."

"Oh." He's doing WHAT!?

Now he's going on about prices and other such details. But, I can't remember a thing he says. I'm stuck on "Year Lease."

"What about candidate school?" I ask. "You're going to be traveling a lot, too. Right?"


I'm so confused.

"Cool." And I feel like a dork, because all I can say is "cool."


"Well, I'd better go. I need to pay attention to where I'm giong."

STUPID excuse, since I always talked to him while riding my bike. No-handed even.

He doesn't catch on.

"Ok, babe. Love ya."


And I'm officially sad, mad...feeling sick.

We hang up.

I call Gina.

I cry to her. "He's going to live with his mom for a year! That means...that means...he's not even thinking about getting married! A whole year with his mom!"


Drama. Queen.

This is the day...rainy day on my bike. Note the shiny object on the right (your left)side of my head. That'd be the hands-free phone thingy.

Married a Missionary Story

And two more pictures from back in the day...seeing a common "cord" between the two? Yes, I would be talking to Jim on that same hands-free thingy in both pictures. Yay for Free Verizon to Verizon during times of separation! Oh, and sorry 'bout the blur in that one. I'm cleaning my bathroom before I move. It's probably a good thing it's blurry.

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Anonymous said...

OH!!! I got all frustrated with you! I'm hoping there's some awesome twist coming up, because if not, you poor thing!!!

Lauren said...

I'm with Rachel - there better be a plot twist ... because if not then I am sad, mad, and feeling a little sick with you!! A year??? Torture!!!

Jennifer Bowen said...

You're just going to leave us hanging like that? LOL I guess we should all know it's a happy ending. =)

As far as the tutorials you asked about, I did the most recent ones on I Heart Faces about texture and Pioneer Woman about rounded edges. Hope that helps! Let me know if you need the links.

HonorMommy said...

I LOVE this idea...I am a sucker for proposal stories and I have never heard yours. So excited to hear the ending :-D. And as usual, I enjoy reading your story-telling. :-D.

I'll have to share mine on my blog one of these days--I love telling how God orchestrated my meeting/falling in love/marrying Paul :-D.

He & Me + 3 said...

I can't believe you just did a to be continued on your blog. Not fair. Spill it...I need to know.

Carrie said...

Aaaa!! I can't wait to hear what happens!!! Joel & I were apart for the last year (except for two months in the summer when we worked at camp together) before we got married, so I understand the long-distance thing. We were so old-fashioned we had calling cards, though! :)

Anonymous said...

Long-distance.... stinks. Yes it does. I know alllllllllll about it, and I am experiencing that whole, "How is what we're doing apart going to affectin the future?" mindset. Scott isn't doing things like this though.... he has his own house. ;)

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

*sigh* Long distance. Been there, done that.

I can't wait to read the rest of your story!

Mommy said...

EEKKK!! You have to finish the story!!!! Hmm Now I have to decide whether to bother your editing upstairs or wait till you repost!

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