Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rand♥m D♥zen: The One Where I Admit I'm a Lover of Bell Bottoms.

♥ It's early morning, about 2:00AM, and you're driving home. You come to a red light and sit there. There is no one in sight for miles around. Do you wait it out or run the light?
Ok, this has actually happened to me before...and I ran the light. But, that was in High School. I don't think I could do it, now...couldn't do it.

♥ If you had the chance to re-do the last 24 hours, would you change anything?
Hmmm, I was going to say "yes," that I would change my planning skills and actually had ALL of dinner ready for our company tonight instead of serving them each course separately, but now that I think of it, it was quite fun. So, I wouldn't change it...nope, not at all. Really, I can't think of anything I would change.

♥ When you reply to someone's comment on your blog, do you reply in your comments or go to her blog and comment? (Or email her)
I go to their blog and comment on one of their posts since I know they'll get it. Not everyone subscribes to the whole "being notified of any comments following yours" thing. I mean, I don''s kind of annoying to get a bajillion notifs in my email.

♥ Your favorite Disney movie is: Beauty & The Beast

♥ Do you recycle?
Aw, MAN! Did you have to ask this? Because the answer is "no, absolutely not." Although I can see why it would be good...I just don't. I don't have any reason that I don't except that I'm lazy, really. I hear that it's a must in Germany, though - so I'd better learn!

♥ Games of strategy or games of chance?
Both - I like both.

♥ Do you have any recurring dreams?
When I'm sick I have this dream that I'm in some sort of factory where they're producing huge pillowy things that seem to suffocate me. It's weird. Been having those since I was, like, six.

♥ What did you learn from your first real job?
That's it's not as easy as it looks to make perfect swirly soft-serve ice cream cones...

♥Do you buy or borrow most books?
Buy. I like to have them on hand to read again...and I also enjoy loaning out books to the borrowers.

♥ What fashion trend of the past did you say you'd never wear again but did?
Well, I'm 28 years old, so I haven't really lived many "fasion conscience" years...I mean, nothing as really changed SO much that I'd care. Really, all the things I would avoid from my past haven't made any comebacks yet...well, they haven't come back to ME anyway. Sidenote: if you knew me in college - then you might recall that I adore vintage clothes. If I was about 20 lbs lighter, I'd still be wearing them! I ♥ Bell Bottoms!

♥ When do you start Christmas shopping?
When I see something I know someone will just love...anytime of the year. Although, the gift usually never makes it to Christmas unless I happen to find it in December.

♥ Have you ever been so happy that you literally jumped up and down for a few seconds? If so, what was the occasion?
Ok, this is gonna sound weird, but when I finally got out of an on-again, off-again relationship. I was elated. I was squealing. Freedom from self never felt so good. Or possibly the last time I got a Trivial Pursuit question right.

And because I just couldn't resist...



Mommy said...

Sarah, Supper was WONDERFUL.. We really enjoyed it. :) And the way it was served made it seem like a fancy eating place! I am glad that you gave full portions though and not a .5 sq inch piece of meat. You know.. Jerry is right. If you served that meal in itty bitty portions and then charged like $15 a plate.... :) We really enjoyed the fellowship...even better than the meal. And that must be pretty good cause the meal was YUMMY!
I hear you on teh christmas shopping.. I have been sitting on a gift for my brother and am going to give it to him at Thanksgiving just cause I know he is going to love it (that would be because I was so excited about it that I HAD to tell him what I had found:) Sigh.. It is so fun to give gifts!

He & Me + 3 said...

Your baby girl is just precious. Great pictures. I haven't started Christmas shopping yet, but I am usually done by now. I better get on that. I love bell bottoms too:)

H-Mama said...

Christmas shopping throughout the year? You go, girl! Love the pix!

Lauren said...

your daughter is oh my goodness gorgeous!! Wow -- she is too adorable for words!!!

Anonymous said...

Cracking me up over the trivial pursuit question!

Love the pictures, as always!!!

cybil said...

hi sarah,
yes,in Germany recycling is definitely important!!
but no worries, it's easy to learn ... and good for the environment!! :-))
cheers from geneva

Anonymous said...

Those soft serve cones take talent!

melanie said...

Who could resist the Josefine dolly?! She just gets cuter every day!

Oh, and were you & Steph by chance looking for me last night?? I saw you come out and search before you sat down... I spaced what week it was -- and didn't sit in my 'normal' area, so fooled ya! (oops)

Jennifer Bowen said...

Josefine's smile is contagious! Such a beautiful girl! I agree with you about Christmas shopping... no sense on waiting the last minute. Shopping throughout the year is much easier and less crowded. =)

Carly said...

Your daughter is SO cute!

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