Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

I opened my windows to let the sun shine in today. And I noticed more than just the beautiful sunshine...I noticed the icicles. I noticed the light of the sun dancing off of the ice, and I felt like I was in a fantasical faerie world! I tore the plastic off of the window, opened the heavy glass pane, then the storm window, then I had to call my husband so he could tell me how to get the screen off.

"Why are you trying to get the screen off?" Valid question, Hon. So, I told him my plan to hang out the window to capture some stunning shots of the sunlight on the icicles.

I also remembered that I could just go out the back door of the apartment building as well. But, really, it was a whole different angle. ;)

Anyway - now to show you some of the photos.

Beauty comes in all temperatures...wouldn't you say?














Catherine said...

Stunning!! I love these pics :D

melanie said...

Lovely. And the story always adds, just like the photos add to a story. =)

une autre mère said...

Wow. Those are amazing! Super job!

Sarah Chips said...

Those are beautiful!! And yes, angle is EVERYTHING! Even if it means opening up the window and hanging out to get the pictures. :)

Lenae said...

Seriously, just breath-taking! You are so gifted! :)

Amy@My Front Porch said...

WOW. Did you actually get pictures of the water drops falling off the icicles? You are amazing.

Jewel said...

Those are beautiful!

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