Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sarah N Dipity

Yup...that's me!

I've been AWOL again from my blog. Seems I'm quite busy with a lot of things lately...again. But, I'm here to update you all on one of my latest developments...


Sarah N Dipity no font

I know, I know. I might just be jumping the gun here with a name and all. But, I figured I might as well...it's cute and catchy and has my name in it! AND, I've been asked to create some invitations for a baby shower for pay...this makes me think I'd better get some "business" cards made in case anyone else is interested. I'll have to take "jobs" based on other things going on in my life...so, it's more like a hobby on the side and if I have time, I'll be more than glad to create something fabulous for others!

Once I finally upgrade to a Flickr Pro account (the above was my 200th photo!) I can show you just what I have been working on!

Toodles for now!

Sarah (N Dipity)

Ha! It still cracks me up! I love it!


Sylvia C. said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!
times a million!

Your stuff is super duper fabulous and it deserves to have a cool business name like this!

I can't wait to (finally) post about that owl-form of me, with this cute logo with it! :)


melanie said...

very fun, Sarah! I still wanna see your warehouse of cool paper =)

Carrie said...

Sarah, what a CUTE name!!! Heading to your FB album to look at your cards now - your work is beautiful! :)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Wow! Beautiful photography and now beautiful cards! You are so artsy and full of talent! Love seeing all your work!

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