Monday, February 15, 2010

Sit, Stand, Obey

Just thought I'd share a funny story from the day...but, I should warn you. It has a kissing scene in it.

Jim has had a wee bit of a cold for the last few weeks. And because of that, he's wanted to keep it to himself, so we haven't kissed on the lips for the duration. I mean, pecks on the cheek are nice and all. But, I think he was missin' his good old fashioned kisses. Well, today I was seeing him off to work after his lunch break, and I gave him a big ole smooch. As we were "saying good-bye," he murmured something that sounded like "Sit, Stand, Obey."

"WHAT!?" I pulled back and looked at him with a confused and possibly offended expression. "Sit, stand, obey? I'm not sure that sounds like a good thing...what ARE you talking about?"

"I said," Jim defends himself, "I could stand here ALL DAY."


And we proceeded to "say goodbye."

Happy Post Valentine's Day! Sit, Stand, Obey!


Julie said...

Aww, thats sweet! I could stand here all day :o) You must be a pretty good kisser there Sarah.

Sylvia C. said...

I am a sucker for a good love (or kissing) story!

that's classic.


PS- it reminds me of a sign I saw once. It said:
"i kiss better than I cook."

I showed it to Timmy and asked him if it was true...

He said, "there's no good way to answer that."

I agreed.

I love to talk... said...

Ha, that is really funny! Crazy what our ears can pick up sometimes. Your possibly offended expression changed pretty quickly I'm sure:o)

Erin said...


melanie said...

tee hee hee =)

zoebellbaby said...

Hey Sarah! It's cute to realize that missionaries kiss...It's like in elementary school...when you would see a teacher at the grocery store or the bank...and realized that they don't live at the school. LOL!! Glad the kissing part of your marriage is alive and well! ;-)

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