Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Reflections on Hansi

So, I'm reading this book recommened to me by a sweet friend of mine from church. It's called "Hansi: The Girl who Loved the Swastika."'s an intense book. I'm not even DONE with it, and I'd recommend it. I love reading WWII books...especially true stories. It always humbles me and makes me thankful for how I am blessed to know Christ as my Savoir and to have a hope in Him. At the same time, reading these accounts often strikes fear in my heart - fear, I hope, that will be diluted by security in my God and Savior. At times, I have woken up having dreams (rather, nightmares) that we're in some controlling environment and I'm trying to escape. Reading books like this makes me thankful for the food we abundance. So much so, that there are times it goes bad and we have to throw it out. Oh, what some would give for even rotten food! We are so blessed. I'm thankful for the clothes that fill (overfill) my closet. Is it not amazing how free we are?? ...and yet...

Hmmm, I'm really at a loss for words, except to say that getting back to my WWII reading has really made me think again. This book, Hansi, in particular is about a girl who had NO clue what the German government was doing, but just wholly trusted Hitler's plans and promises. She learned not to question him and just trust. She was an orphan, so she found her "home" in Hitler's ideals and dreams of a powerful empire. She felt as though she finally belonged somewhere...and so she followed. How many people out there are looking for a home for their hearts and find it in something so empty and temporal? How many people must suffer continual lostness and lonliness, sacrificing themselves, only to find that, at the end of the road, all was for naught? What if they knew of an eternal comfort in God...a family in the body of Christ...a cause that is eternal?

One thing that brings me to tears as I think about it is the mercy of God...that, even though His beloved Israel has been through so much, He still wishes for ALL to be saved. I don't know the end of the book. I don't know if Hansi becomes a Christian yet. BUT, what I do know is that there HAVE been people directly involved or affected by what happened in WWII, and they have been introduced to the forgiveness of God through Jesus Christ! How very merciful and loving our God is. I can barely fathom it. Also - on another note. It's amazing to think about how perfect God is and that even when we're not secure with the leadership of sinful man, we can be eternally secure in the leadership and love of a Holy God.


melanie said...

So glad you are enjoying the book, Sarah ~ I had better read it too, before it goes back to the library ;-) (The older kids said ch. 8 had 'adult content' ~ just to suggest that other parents ought to pre-read... hmm, as I have not done obviously...) "Intense" is the right word for Hansi's story, according to the description in our history guide.

Here's a factoid for you: Did you know that Stalin killed more people than Hitler? :o And yet, the Soviet Union joined the Allies ~ doesn't say much for the discernment of the western world. Such sad world history... that is bound to repeat itself since the majority fail to learn from it or seek Truth.


une autre mère said...

Sounds like a book I'd love to read! Thanks for recommending it!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I have had my head in these kinds of books lately as I am preparing for my son to enter High School in two more years. (I homeschool, so looking ahead for history and lit.)

Anyway, we are doing Amer. History next year. I think I want to read this for myself, and then determine if he can handle it or if it should wait until 10th grade. Either way, I want to read it. What a perspective!

"even when we're not secure with the leadership of sinful man, we can be eternally secure in the leadership and love of a Holy God." Amen...that's a word for today.

Take care!

faith, hope, and love said...

Good, thought provoking post! Sounds like a good read (though I'm not much into reading unfortunately). One to remember if I ever get the itch:o)

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever!

That book sounds both interesting and intense. I think I will have to wait until I'm in the right mood to read it. Thanks for the recommendation!

Jim & Sarah said...

Hey, we had that book! I read it in my mid-teens. We even named our dog Schatzi (little treasure) cause it was fresh when we got her. I don't remember much about it anymore,just the cover with a blonde girl in German colorful clothes by a big tree. I know it was good though.

Rebekah S said...

I've read that book. Wow, what a story. Definitely some adult content. We used to have the sequel, too, which I wanted to offer to send you when you're done with this one, but I don't know what happened to it. Enjoy the rest of the book!

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