Monday, July 5, 2010

Blessings and Humility

Jim and I were talking today about how sometimes it seems that receiving blessings from God are just as, if not more, humbling than going through a trial...they are reminders of God's goodness to us when we have done nothing to deserve it! This weekend, we experienced several reminders of just that. First, a surprise gift (paid for quilting session and some new fabrics!) from the Missionary Ladies group on Saturday. Then, some brothers and sisters in Christ have given sacrifically toward the repair of our car! And, finally we got *cough, cough* by a Trooper who happened to be a Christian and instead of giving us a ticket, he told us that we can now add to our testimony that the Lord brought along a Christian Trooper and we chatted about deputation and church and then went along our merry (and a little slower) way. Now, THAT is a humbling blessing. ;)


cybil said...

haha!! a real blessing!
read the same in a book of Joel Osteen... :-)

greetings from Geneva

Julie said...

He sure does bless doesnt He? Im glad that your experiancing it right now... Haha, being caught by a trooper, how nice he didnt give you a ticket :o) Travel safe! Cant wait to have you back here for awhile!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

It is good to allow others to be blessed by being a blessing you. When you refuse, it is like taking their blessing away!

melanie said...

God IS good!

Blog Award for you ~ check it out at my blog!

And have a great week ~ ♥ ~

Lenae said...

Oh Sarah, I've been studying Biblical womanhood over the past year, and I definitely know the feeling of discouragement that can come from realizing how far from the mark you fall. Praise God that we have God's promises to buoy us up from that discouragement!

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