Saturday, November 13, 2010

Training in Pun Mastery

Ok, you've all heard them and have groaned at the sound of an approaching pun. Anyone ever had Dr. Myron or Dr. Schmidt as a prof? I have and I LOVED them! Not just because they're amazingly smart, but because they pull off the BEST puns EVER.

I'm going to make the rest of you wish you had let Dr. Myron break your kneecaps for real after this post. :)

So, Jim and I were talking about humor the other day. The best kind and the worst. The best kind, or considered the most intelligent kind of humor, is the making of puns. As my friend, Ange put it, you actually have to think to be funny! The worst kind, mostly from my perspective is sarcasm, which usually includes making someone else feel stupid so that you can feel smart without much thinking. I would say that it's the most inconsiderate kind of humor at it's lowest level. I don't mind some of the higher forms of more considerate sarcasm with the right group of people whom you already know you love and love you. I'm not totally bashing sarcasm, just saying that it has it's limits.

I'm sure puns have their limits as well, but they're much more innocent and less offensive and even more fun, if you like the challenge.

Tonight, I had a really punny conversation with aforementioned friend, Ange, on a Facebook thread of comments. As I read the conversation aloud to Jim, I was laughing so hard, there were tears running down my cheeks.

I felt it was only fair to share this jolly pun-making with you and copy our conversation here for you to "listen in" on.

Here's a little background to get you up to speed (you'll get why that's in italics later). We had just gotten together with Ange (who has a very interesting blog post that you REALLY should read) and her sister Julie for some games. We ended up playing a game called "Ticket to Ride," a fun Train game that was loads of fun, but Ange had to leave early.

Here's the conversation:

Ange: So, who won the game?

Sarah: Haha, well...we didn't count at the end, but we're sure Jim got the longest train. By the time we were done, I think my eyeballs were too tired to count up my winnings...I'm sure I could have, but yeah. Jim was willing to just clean up w/o finding out who won, either. Which I felt bad about at first, but he was cool w/ it. :) So, in short, we don't know who won! :D It was really fun, though. I'd play again now that I understand it!

Ange: Good! I'm sure he did win since he had the longest train and he had that long one at the bottom too! It's a fun game, we really enjoy it!

Sarah: ALL of his trains were totally connected and made one long train. So...yeah. He prbly kicked our cabooses... HA, I crack myself up.

Ange: That's a good one! You clever girl you:o)

Sarah: What can I say, I'm off the rails. :D

Ange: Oh boy! Man, I'm racking my brain for a good one here and I'm totally de-railed in my thoughts!

Sarah: Bahahahaa... :) Nice one! :D You've stopped me in my tracks with your subtle wit!

Ange: You conduct those puns like a pro!!!

Sarah: That's right, I'm not just blowing steam here!

Ange: Nothing like tooting your own horn or anything, kind of proud of yourself aren't you?

Sarah: It's been crossing my mind lately, that I should put the breaks on this pride thing. Nothing like a good friend to keep me STATIONary...

Ange: Oh man that was like 3 in 1 - you rock!:o) I should probably transit myself to bed here pretty soon :o/

Sarah: Sure thing...don't want to tie you down to this train of comments all night!

Now don't even tell me you didn't least a little bit? Just one little chuggle?

Yeah, I know, that was a're all aboard with these puns.

Oh, and one more GREAT thing about puns is that you know you've connected with someone when you can hold an entire conversation using puns! HA! HA! HA-choo...bless me.

I'm afreight to say that this may be getting a little out of hand, so I should really end this post before I lose track and I begin to express my true feelings. There's no doubt that this post has reached the end of the line...

You have to admit, this pun thing requires a great amount of engineuity. *snort*


Nathan Gast said...

someone really needed to "Apply the brakes" before that conversation "jumped the track", and "crossed" the line. lol.

Someone once said, "They aren't that smart. The railroad crossing arms are down, but there just ain't no train coming through." :)

Oh how I loved Dr. Myron. :)

Sarah said...

Hahaha...nice, Nathan. Glad to see you're a fellow punner! You made another pun, without realizing it..."line" is a good rail-word. :)

Julie said...

Your a funny girl Sarah. And I guess Im not very smart in humor because Im coming up empty for something witty to say :o) But you my friend rock!

Emily said...

Sarah dear, You? Are a turkey. I'll stick with sarcasm. (The non-degrading kind, of course.)

faith, hope, and love said...

Haha, how fun that you posted our silly conversation:o) I had actually read it out loud to my hubby too - great minds think alike I guess!

Crystal said...

I believe that when you use the "non-degrading kind" of sarcasm you are being facetious. I learned this word a couple of years ago and have since tried to help our teens in the youth group learn to be facetious, and not sarcastic.
As for the puns... I'll just have to sit on the sidelines and smile. You make me smile often, Sar!

Crystal said...

Word meanings according to The Free Online Dictionary:

Sarcasm - A cutting, often ironic remark intended to wound.

Facetious - Playfully jocular; humorous; characterized by levity of attitude and love of joking

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