Monday, November 8, 2010

What's for Dinner?

Not sure about the wisdom of this, but we're having Taco Soup for Conny, from Melanie. :) I'm not questioning the widsom of it because it isn't a super-yummy, super-easy recipe, but because I have these two terribly nasty canker sores from biting the inside of my mouth last week. Yuck. And MOST of the ingredients in this soup are tomatoes. I normally love tomatoes. In fact, they've been a huge part of my cravings this pregnancy, but tomatoes and canker sores don't often mix. We'll see what happens...

Another thing...I've got a dentist appt. tomorrow, and the last week or so of brushing hasn't been quality near those awful sores. I feel bad for my dentist. I'm also just now questioning why I just told you all of that. Hmmmm....well, either way, you really should try this recipe. And you might enjoy it a little more than Iwill if you don't have canker sores. :/

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Julie said...

I was thinking about making that recipe but decided against it because my hubby cant eat tomatoes because they give him canker sores! He gets them too from biting his lip or if the kids bump him in the mouth. Hope your dentist appointment isnt to painful. He went a couple of times with bad canker sores and said it really hurt... Not to make you nervous. It probably depends on the hygenist (how rough or careful she is).

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