Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Has it been THAT long??

Wow, looks like I've been off the Bloggy Radar for months. :/ Been busy baking a baby. ;) Cornelia Ruth Hosanna was born on May 2 and I'm about to embark on the journey of making my new baby girl a special just-for-her quilt. I made one for my Josefine and, as a result, fell in love with the art of quilting! ♥

So, I'll get to the point...I'm joining a quilt along! And, I'm not exactly sure how it will go, but I'm going to try. I decided on using the Kaliedoscope block and this Quilt Along happens to be featuring that very thing. So, why not join the fun? :)

And I can't post this without a very darling picture of my newest Li'l Miss. :)

Cornelia for BLOG1


Julie said...

I love that picture. Cant wait to see your finished quilt. Some people get all the talent ;o)

Lenae said...

Hooray, you're back! Congrats on your newest sweet girl -- she's beautiful!

Yay for quilting! As an amateur quilter myself, I'm excited to see your finished product!

The Polka Dot Apron said...

What a beautiful girl! Saw your link on "Don't Call Me Betsy" and stopped in to have a look instead of doing dishes (where's the fun in THAT?)- Congrats on your girl, and that picture is beautiful- I've never given birth- my boys are adopted, but I can appreciate the insane amount of emotion and strength it takes to become a mother. I'm with you on the QAL- it will be a great time!

Conny said...

I'm stopping by via Melanie's blog (Out of the Miry Clay) ... and I was tickled to see you named your daughter CORNELIA! That's MY name!!! I've never met another Cornelia who wasn't (a) German like me OR (b) over 95 years old! :) I would be curious to know how you came to use the name if you ever find a moment to stop by my blog & share ... Thanks & God bless.

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