Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Love of Our Heavenly Father

Recently, I heard the song "Can You Hear Me?" by Mark Schultz. There was a lyric that stood out, "let me take his place somehow..." and caused me to think on the sacrifice that God made in offering up His son to die in our stead, so that we may have eternal life. I am thankful for a husband who willingly sacrifices for his girls, in order that they may know God's love. I truly am blessed to see the compassionate love of God paralled in the love that Jim has for our family.

Thinking about that truth also made me think of the contrast which, sadly, happens all too often. A father sacrificing his children for his own selfish ambitions. I realized how truly sacrificial Jim is with his time. He will spend hours playing with and reading to his girls, even though he could choose to do so many other things. To see him invest in them thrills my heart. To see him lovingly discipline and teach them (more Josefine than Cornelia, these days) to honor God with their choices provides security and stability. I'm so thankful for the light that Jim brings to our home by eminating God's love to us.

May we see the joy in sacrificing for truth and for the glory of God and seek to please HIM above ourselves so that our children may grow to love Him as well.





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Julie said...

Awe Sarah what a neat tribute to your hubby :o) These pictures are so cute, I was smiling really big while looking at them.

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