Sunday, January 1, 2012

Five Years!

Pretty much have had the bestest 5 year anniversary and New Year celebration EVER. :) Jim and I had a sweet date! Thanks to my dear, Ju for watching the kiddos for us! We started off at HuHot (a favorite!) and upon leaving (heading to Faith Bookstore to pick up a new Bible for the Biblecase he got me for Christmas), we found that our ignition wasn't working! The key wouldn't turn! And for 20 minutes we tried and tried. It was then, that I presented his tie chain that he'd been needing for quite some time and that was a good pick-me-up from the bummer of a non-working vehicle. Finally, he decided to walk to Home Depot across the street to get a new key made (maybe THAT was the problem?) and I headed into Family Christian Bookstore to browse the Bibles there. He met me to say that the key idea didn't work and so he called a locksmith. 3 hours later and after a welcomed run-in and an ice cream desert with some good friends, we were off to the next thing on the date list. :) But, not before Jim got his cuff links he'd been needing, especially with a particular purple shirt I love that doesn't have buttons on the cuff. :) Yay for Kohl's coupons and a buy one get one 1/2 deal the night before! ANYway...after our festivities, we enjoyed a midnight chat at WalMart with a sweet couple that we know that we ran random and so fun! :) Finally, to relieve our dear friend of our was only 2am. ;) We enjoyed the ride home, sleepy kiddos in the back...but, by no means was our special time coming to an end. As we were getting the girls out of the car, I let Josefine give Jim his final gift from me. A new wallet (another something he's needed to replace for awhile now...he likes those practical, useful gifts). After we put the girls back to bed, Jim and I prayed together to thank God for our marriage and dedicated the coming days, months and years to Him...and when he was done, he pulled out the most beautiful ring...something to accent my solitaire. Something I NEVER would have thought of or expected. What a guy...WHAT. A. GUY. I felt sooo spoiled and loved! This is something I may think would happen for year 10, but, so sweet. I have married a very selfless and giving man. He doesn't have to give "things" to show his love. He is a doer and a servant at heart. But, when he gives (and he does a lot), he GIVES and does so with his whole heart. I love my man and feel so blessed to be by his side these past 5 years and look so very forward to learning to love him more...learning to see God's grace through eachother...together. ♥ 

December 30, 2011_1
Jim & I before our date! :)

December 31, 2011_4
My ring with the enhancer! (I think that's what they call it!) It's beautiful! 


Julie said...

Woooooow, beautiful!! I need to check it out in person! That was super sweet of your sweet hubs <3 Love you!

Alisha said...

Yayyy to you and your hubby on 5 years together! :) Your blog title got my attention and I had to check it out. You have such a sweet family. Blessings to you! -Alisha

Mandy Kay said...

I love reading your blog Sarah! And that's why I'm giving you the Liebster Award! Come and check out my post on it for what to do to receive it.

cybil said...

Merry Christmas!
May all your dreams will come true!
Be blessed!
Sibylle from Stuttgart/Germany

My Journey With Candida said...

You two look so cute together... Just like you were made for each other.

Hope you have had a wonderful 2013 so far!! By the looks of this post... your year started off perfect.

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