Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Date We Went On that was for The Hubby

Being married to a Michigander (which would make me a Michigoose ???), I get the privilege of experiencing Michigan Type Stuff like, beautiful lakes, cute little islands, Lighthouses (someday), Detroit Smog...oh yeah...and Auto Shows.

Jim rarely ever speaks out when it comes to doing what HE wants to do for dates. He's so extra sweet that he always picks dates that are related to my desires. Most recently, though, my dear husband spoke out and for about two weeks covertly mentioned the Detroit Auto Show and how going would make him so very happy.

So, I got it in my little head to give him the only cash I had ($20) and told him, "Put this toward the Auto Show Date."
The Jimmy Smile that I love spread across his face and I knew I had just made him a happy man. Now, I just had to bear the outcome...I had to spend hours looking at shiny, expensive cars for no real productive reason at all. Man, I love him.
We planned the day (Thursday) we would go on our Auto Show Date. Deep down, part of me dreaded it and sort of wanted to back out, but the other part of me (the part that apparently loves my hubby more) wanted nothing more than to see my Jamie drool and ooh and ahh over cars. A favorite pastime of his. I know I'm not at the Date in this posts order of events...but I'll show you a few sneak preview pictures now to break up the monotony a bit.

The only "not fun" that Jim had was when he realized that Pontiac must not be coming out with a new Grand Prix and that they must be replacing it with the almost equally cool Pontiac G6. Note the frown.

These are like the little cars we saw in Germany all over the place...but the ones in Germany were smaller still...what were they called? Mini Coopers?

Look at the HUMONGOUS speed-o-meter in that little car. This picture was hilarious cause that's not me or Jim pointing at the speedometer. It's some lady that happened to point, just when I was taking a picture of the thing she was pointing at...what a coincidence. We had a nice laugh.

I would have bought it for him....except.

Now, I wasn't totally in objection to this Date. Really, I love Classic Car Shows. I enjoy playing the game where we try to guess the make, model and year of the car just by the headlights and front end before it passes us on the highway or interstate. So, I'm not completely Anti-Car stuff. Just so you know.

Thursday came and after circling whatever building we needed to get to like 6 times to get good parking, we finally arrived at the DETROIT AUTO SHOW. *Gasp* and, I must admit, after the shock of paying to walk wore off, I had fun. I busied myself taking artistic type pictures of car emblems I liked (Audi, VW, Jaguar) and the floor (for a powerpoint background maybe). My favorite part was watching Jim get in line...yes, you read that correctly...GET IN LINE to SIT, I tell you, SIT in a car. Giving up my reluctance, I joined him, again discovering that I was actually enjoying myself.

shiny audi


I think I like the VW Rabbits b/c of the cute little bunny...

This is my Picture of the Floor that doubles as a PowerPoint background. You can use it...if you want. It sparkles.

He waited in a short line for this one...I think is the Pontiac Solstice...or is that the Saturn convertible name...I have NO idea. It has something to do with some weather term.

I also worked out a bit

and found a really cool (probably multi-million dollar) display that snowed.

The Detroit Auto Show is apparently a BIG deal out here. Yes, my ignorance becomes more evident. Parents get their kids out of school to experience this annual event. I suppose the desire to attend the event is something like Tulip Time in Pella or even the Iowa State Fair. EVERYONE must go. So, go we did...and along with going...I liked. Vroom, Vroom. "Honk, honk, rattle, rattle, rattle, crash, beep, beep," and all those other car sounds, too.

After our Auto Show Adventure, we took off on the PeopleMover (way fun) to Greektown! I was overwhelmingly excited for this part of the date. First off, it included food. Second, it was Greek. Third, there would be fire and yelling of the word "Opa!" which, in German, means Grandpa, but in Greek is the equivelent to "Yee Hah!" (That's what the Greek Guy at the Restaurant said anyway.)

Waiting for the PeopleMover

He yelled the syllable "O" in "Opa" for about 45 seconds

In the end, it was a very fun Date. I would even do it again. I smell a tradition coming on...


Gina said...

Nice bag.

Sarah said...

Ha! Thanks...I like it, too. Polka Dots are ALWAYS "in".

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