Tuesday, February 5, 2008

If I Have to be Velcro...

...I would be the soft, non-abrasive side and I would make Jim be the rough, spiny side because that's what his face feels like when he waits too long to shave. I often beg him to move past the spiny, ouchy stage to the soft, non-abrasive stage of facial hair. But, alas, he refuses. He likes to be as clean shaven as possible - the goatee is an exception because last time he shaved it, I cried.

All that to say, "Opposites really do attract."

Back in October in the Never Sleeping City of New York, I had a thought provoking conversation (apparently so, as it's been provoking thoughts for nearly 4 mos now) with Miriam about our relationships with our husbands and how the oppositeness of our personalities really does make us functional (even fruitful) and not just crazy-go-nuts. By the end of the conversation, we had a short list of Opposite Attracting things (that function only when they are operating together with their oppositeness) to give us somewhat scientifc and logistic proof that we were indeed getting somewhere with this long-believed theory.

Velcro being on the list of things that provide funcion because of differences. In no particular order, the list went on: magnets (duh), zippers, static electricity, traction, Me & Jim, locks & keys...you get the idea.
You may not know Jim very well....for that matter, you may not know me that well either. So, instead of teasing you by just telling you we're opposite, I'll give you a little peek into our inner-workings so you can see exactly how very opposite we are.


He's the strong silent type. He thinks before he speaks and thinks before he makes decisions. He's patient and non-confrontational. He's practical and sensible, rarely imaginative - unless it has to do with building something. He's literal and easy-going.

I, on the other hand:

am the talker. more expressive, opinionated and, face it, louder. I think while I talk and make decisions. Or maybe I should say I talk while I think...I'm impatient and feel better about communicating my thoughts and am therefore, blessed with the gift of confrontation. I'm only practical sometimes, after I come down from the high of being passionate about a matter. Often, I am over imaginative. I'm convinced Unicorns exist(ed). I'm less literal and more poetic and I'm so easily moved emotionally that "easy-going" would be an inaccurate assesment of my personality.

There you have it. Yet more proof (like you asked for it) that opposites attract: I'm attracted to Jim and he's attracted to me. We're not sure how it happened...well, we know God did it and we know He did it for a VERY good reason.

Jim and I are learning everyday that our differences can be our greatest strength or our biggest weakness. So, as long as I get to be the soft part of the Velcro, the positive side of the magnet or the key instead of the lock....I think we can make this work.

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