Friday, February 15, 2008

Things I'm Thankful for: A to Z

I'm going to try and keep an ongoing list of Things I'm Thankful for: A to Z. This is my first list (and it will change through time, I'm sure). It will be permanently located on the right side bar of this blog for frequent editing. But, for my Thakful Debut, I wanted to make it a post so you are more likely to see it and hopefully be motivated to make your own Thankful List (in whatever creative format you choose, not limited to A to Z lists). Leave a comment so I can come to your blog, Facebook or whatever and read your list, too!

Acting. I wish I could do more of it. And Ariel, he knows lots about computers and he's our friend.

Bass Clarinet. I play it and love it and wish I had one. And Baptist Mid-Missions. And my Big Brother Ben. (That would be Three Points in Scattegories!)

Camp. Iowa Regular Baptist Camp & Whispering Cedars Baptist Camp in NE.

Dollars & Sense...Provided by our Faithful God.

Empty sink of dishes.

Fruity Flavored Jelly Bellys. FBBC & TS. Free Rent. Family!

God's Wondrous Love and Gina.

His Sacrifice for my Salvation and Hanna.

Immanent Return of Christ. The Iowa State Fair. And Iowa.

Jim, Juice (Welch's Grape), Jesus, The Jacksons and My Little Dream of Josephine. And Journals. And Jenna's fun to read blog. (Link also provided in right side bar called A Very Fun Blog to Read.)

Karis. It means "Grace" in Greek.

Loss of weight. If it happens.

Main Street in Mingo, IA. It's where we live when we're not traveling. And MythBusters.
And Moms.

New Life! And Nancy.

Opals. I have one in my engagement ring.

Pennies I find on the ground and People who read my blog. And Pasta. And Pastors Hartog III, Pierpont and Janke (in no particular order)...ok, Pastors in general.

Questions. Mine always have an answer in the Word of God. Quirkiness. It makes me laugh.

Reading books that take me into a new world of imagination and Rose Marie.

S for Sarah. Duh.

Travel. I do it for a living. And Tulip Time in Pella, IA.

Unusual Situations that make me laugh. And words that begin with "U" because there's not that many.

Vocabulary. I love it. Vocal chords. I like to use them.

Waking up every morning to God's new mercies. Work that Jim gets so we can buy groceries.

X - it's Roman Numeral for 10

Youth - I try to keep it. Yorksire Terriers - I don't want one, but they're cute, I guess.

Zippers that I can't sew into garments yet.


Jenna said...

Thanks for being thankful for my blog! :) I'm thankful for yours too. Aren't they great ways to keep in touch?

Betty J said...

You're a real encouragement - a bring a warm smile to my face. Mama J.

Gina said...

i love you i love you i love you!!!!!!!!!!!

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