Saturday, February 16, 2008

I'm Proud of My Hubby

If you know Jim, then you're probably just as proud to know him as I am to have him. I have a list overflowing in my head as to why I am so proud of my Hubby. But, I know that list is quite limited to my experience. If you know anything about James Engle, then I'm sure you can contribute to my list. That's exactly what I'm going to encourage you to do in the next moment. Please, if you can, pretty please leave a comment on this post (try not to be anon) and tell me why you are proud to know him. This will not only make me beam with utter joy, but it will probably be quite the encouragement to Jim as well. Let's say that this is a belated Valentine's Gift from me to him. (I love you, J - Happy Valentines Day, belated.) My list follows, I hope you can add to it! Please, don't feel limited to a few things if you're as thankful for Jim as I am.

1. He tells me he loves me everyday.

2. He washes the dishes almost everytime.

3. He likes to make up songs that consist only of the word "bum," and he's really good at it, too.

4. He always lets me have the not-burned toast, pizza, or whatever I happened to overcook that night for supper, if I make supper, which brings me to number 5.

5. He doesn't mind that I don't cook for him everyday, because I stink at grocery shopping.

6. He puts my needs (sometimes not really even necessary needs) above his own. ie: my need for an Outback Cheesecake splurge over his need for socks or shaving cream.

7. He can fix anything. Seriously, hire him out if you need a job done; we could use the money.

8. He is patient, patient, patient and angers at nothing. (I know this because I've tried.)

9. He's really ticklish, but stops tickling me when I say I'm gonna wet my pants, even though he's knows I'm lying, when he hates losing the Tickle Game and has to say "Uncle." (Basically, he lets me win the Tickle Game, like, everytime.)

10. He gives me a shopping budget of, let's say, $20 and almost always gives me $10 over when all is said and done. I really think he's planning that it's going to be a certain amount and always goes $10 under budget just to feel special when I thank him abundantly for giving me $10 extra. Hey, it's possible - but not likely, which is why I'm proud of him. He wouldn't do that...I don't think.

11. When we're at a restaraunt and I get something icky that I thought would be good, He always eats it and gives me the yummy meal he originally ordered.

12. He suprises me with flowers and jewelry. And chocolate. *sigh*

13. He says "Thank you."

14. He makes me laugh hysterically.

15. He's good at math, so I don't have to think numbers. Oiy.

16. He can build things. And make them look nice. And functional.

17. He says "pursey purse" when referring to my uh, purses.

18. He doesn't mind staying up really late just to talk.

19. He loves to preach God's Word.

20. He bakes really awesome cookies!

21. He loves to serve God.

Ok, your turn.


Anonymous said...

Preachers tend to be long winded, but that's only because we have so many good things to talk about that people need to hear about. It would be very easy to be long winded about Jim, but I will attempt to keep it short.
I am proud of Jim for his unbelievable determination. Having known him and observed him from early childhood all the way to mature manhood, I have seen a man who, once committed to something or someone, will never leave the pathway of progress in that direction. Obstacles and impossibilities mean nothing. Discouragements are accepted with grace and understanding that God's ways are not always easy ways, but are forever blessed ways. I watched him head off for his higher education with no money and no help. I watched his loving and sacrificial care for his mother. I saw him stretch his few dollars and use his time wisely so he could accomplish all that God wanted.
I am proud of Jim for picking a wife of outstanding character, genuine love, and warm heart. What a great pair!
I am proud of Jim for putting principle ahead of pleasure. He lives by what he knows to be right. I am glad to own him as my friend, my fellow laborer, my brother in the Lord.

Ron Graef

joy root said...

I became acquainted with Jim at Grandview Park Baptist School. Everybody loved him because he kept everything working and rescued many of us from our own stupidity. (Okay, I'll only speak for myself. He served graciously and humbly. He certainly seemed uncomfortable with attention he would received for what he no doubt felt was just his duty. I still can't believe his sings as he does--I never even heard him hum. He must have practiced down in the boiler room!
Sarah, this was a wonderful idea. I hope you both are encouraged in the Lord.
Stop in and say hi again sometime!
Joy Root

Anonymous said...

Most of my memories of Jim are old ones, but they are of the best man I know. I wish I knew him better today. I've talked about him often, all over the world. I look forward to seeing him again, one day.

-Garry Engle

Gina Tucker said...

I'm proud to know Jim because he married my bestest friend ever! Okay, that was more of a compliment for you, Sarah. But I really am so very thankful for Jim for many reasons. Who knew anyone (besides me, of course) could handle such a girl as Sarah with such tender, patient love? ;) And I am thankful, Jim, for your patience with me. As I have gone through the most difficult trying year of my life, you have been so gracious in sharing your wife with me when I needed her. I love you both, and am proud to know both of you!!

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