Thursday, February 28, 2008

Two Bags, One Giant Waste

Before our 4 day Winter Camp excursion, we realized I didn't have a medium-sized duffle bag, in which to hold a small trips worth of luggage. We're used to the month-long trips which require a large suitcase. Upon realization of our need, I took a trip to TJ Maxx to find a nice, but inexpensive Duffle Bag and perhaps something to keep all my bathroom belongings in as well.

I was successful not only in finding a cute Sky Blue Adidas Duffle, but also in finding a Very Adorable Black with White Hearts Bag which I will use as a Bathroom Bag for this trip, but will double well as a Fun Bag.

As fun as it was to find and purchase these bags was, I was slightly disappointed to find they were stuffed FULL of paper that was probably made to fill bags, for no real apparent reason... that matters anyway. I exclaimed "They could have at least used recycled paper!" Well, they may have, but it seemed so pointless! I know they wanted the bags to look full on the shelf, but that still didn't make me feel any less bad about it.

Here, you see the two bags I purchased:

Here, you see the BIG bag of lots of filler paper...not to mention, a plastic bag to hold the aforementioned purchased bags. I tried telling the cashier lady I didn't want a bag for my bags. She must have been so focused on trying to FIT the two purchased bags into the plastic bag that she didn't hear me. I didn't argue. I know, I was bad. Maybe next time.

Believe me, there is more paper in this bag than there looks to be. I promise. Lots more.


Jenna said...

DREADFUL! I'm terribly sorry to hear it and I hope you recycle (or at least attempt to) all that wasted paper. Americans are too wasteful, I think.

gina said...

Central College would be proud of you. We're always "Finding a Greener Way!"

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