Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Science of a Snow Fort

Jim & I joined the Youth Group for a VERY AMAZING weekend of spiritual growth and challenge and, of course, fun in the snow.

One of the games we played was called "Find the Counselor." Jim was working on the bus (he was the bus driver) and I took the challenge to hide. I was a little nervous of the idea, knowing I would be in a cold hiding place for who-knows-how-long. But, I employed my very strong and brave hubby to conspire a hiding place with me and together we dug a snow fort...well, really it was a hole...into a 5 or 6 foot snow drift (with a hammer, our only available tool).

I kind of felt like a Sardine packed in ice. Although I was hoping for somjething big enough to sit up straight in and read a book and munch on a couple of delish Chocolate Chip Cookies, it was an awesome hiding place and no one found me!

It was awesome for a couple of reasons:

1) I could keep digging myself into it as I hid without being spotted or heard.
2) The snow acted as a sort of absorber of sound and heat (the sun was shining right over it!).

Needless to say, I was cozy and warm (sweating, really), well hid, and proud of our Snow Fort Hiding Place.

Unfortunately, I was disqualified, which really kinda stunk, but oh, well. Apparently, my co-counselor, LeAnn (pictured with me below) and I were both supposed to hide in the SAME place and once the kids found us (together), they had to bring us back to The Lodge for points or something. Here's the really sad part. They found my co-counselor FIRST (she and I strategized to hide on OPPOSITE ends of the camp). So, basically, I was not even being sought out. LeAnn had to call me to tell me the game was over. After nearly and hour and a half of digging, my Snow Fort was pointless. Well, sorta.

Later, we played a Digital Picture Scavenger Hunt and one of the pictures we had to take was "in an Igloo." I wasn't letting my Snow Fort go to waste, so my team took an awesome "Igloo" Picture and scored a Ten. And we got TWO girls to fit in that little hole in the snow. Go Us.

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