Friday, March 28, 2008

For the Ducks

Today on my way into town to bring Jim his lunch, I came upon a very amusing sight! Two Ducks, a Duck couple probably because one was a boy Duck and the other was a girl Duck, were crossing 1st street in Ankeny. From where Wells Fargo is to the Daycare on the other side, for those of you who may know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, they were waddling along quite slowly, and by the time I saw them, they were already half way across the street. I think they are the ones we see all the time at Faith, so I worried for a moment that they were too far from home. The lane on my side of the steet going into town was sparse. It was the time of day most people were probably already at work. So, I had the liberty of slowing down to watch the cute little ducks without angering a fellow traveler behind me.

As they crossed opposite side of the 2 lanes of oncoming traffic I had to giggle. The Duck couple were taking their sweet little old time...and by the time they reached the curb, there were about 8 cars (including a semi) lined up, waiting for the Ducks to cross. To me, it was a beautiful sight. The Ducks were spared. I was thankful that the guy at the front of the line, who drove a big red pick up truck and looked a little husky, was kind enough to let them cross. I was happy for the Ducks, who feel quite at home in Ankeny, even amongst the busy streets of Friday.

And for the record, this story is closer to my heart than you may think. I've always wanted a duck for a pet. So, to see a cute Ducky Couple cross the street unharmed really made my day!


Gina said...

I don't think those ducks were "too far from home." All of Ankeny is their home. They visited my apartment on Crestmoor on the north end of town regularly. Then when I moved to Sharon Drive on the south end, they made themselves at home in that neighborhood, too!! Those ducks rock my face off.

Sarah said...

When I told Jim about this, he said he's seen more than one Duck Couple in Ankeny. He says he thinks he's counted 6 or 7. BUT, I don't think he's seen more than one couple at a time, so there's no proving that this particular Duck Couple isn't the one and only. Maybe they were following YOU around...and now they are wandering aimlessly looking for you...doubtful, but an interesting thought nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Have you read McCloskey's book "Make Way for Ducklings". You might enjoy it!
Praying for you,
Sandy Hall

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