Tuesday, April 1, 2008


"Carbolicious" - a word used to desribe the feeling you get when you indulge in your favorite Carb-filled pleasure (mine being pasta) when you shouldn't be indulging at all. The word cannot be used in the context where consuming Carbs is completely o.k. In that case, it's just filling or you're probably running a marathon the next day. In the other case (the case in which you break the rules), it's "Carbolicious."

I'm trying to be more aware of the calories and nutrioun I take in during the course of one day, and thanks to a handy dandy website that tracks your nutrition (Thanks, Jenna!), I noticed that most of the meals I'd eaten were more carb-like, which just turn into sugars...and well, too much of a good thing can be bad.

While we were deciding where to eat last night, Fazoli's was out of the question.

Jim said, "You need protein, how 'bout KFC?" We couldn't get home for dinner before we had to be back into town for a meeting, so our options were limited, pre-cooked, more expensive and well, out.

I agreed reluctantly that Fazoli's was not the best idea, even though I LOVE pasta of every shape and kind and with various sauces to accompany it.

We ordered our chicken (mine were strips, his were legs) and when it was time to order the sides, I was bombarded by several choices, none of which were easy ones to make. In my weakness, I opted for the creamy macaroni and cheese and, to feel less guilty, the green beans.

As I delved into my macaroni (first things first, you know), I uttered "Carbolicious!"

Hence, the invention of my new word.

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