Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Baby Elephant Walk

If you were listening to Van & Bonnie on WHO this morning at appr. 8:10 am, and if you heard the Baby Elephant Walk song and then you heard the person who called in to guess and win the family pack of 4 tickets to the Blank Park Zoo to see the endangered species of Asian Elephants (visiting only from May 24th through July 6), then wondered if it was the Sarah you know, because the voice was familiar, as was the screech of excitment, then you're right. It was ME! I won something! I LOVE winning somethings! Especially FREE somethings. Not to mention, I LOVE elephants...baby ones in particular!

So, I have to tell you the story now.

I heard the contest being advertised yesterday at about the same time (a little after 8 am). So, today I stayed in the car for the slightly-after-8 playing of the song. I had my hand on the "send" button of my phone ready to press it as soon as I heard the first note of the song. Sure enough, at about 8:10ish. I heard and I called.

"Hi, who's this?" I heard Van Harden's voice on the other end, sounding slightly different then what I usually hear through the sound waves on the radio.
Immediately I answered, "Sarah!" Apparently, he didn't hear me and asked again.

"This is Sarah!" I said, a little clearer and more slowly, but still with the same excitedness!

"How are you this morning?" he asked. I was still in disbelief that I was actually talking to Van from Van & Bonnie!

"I'm doing GREAT!" I think I sounded like a dork, but I was soooo elated!

"And why did you call this morning?" Van asked.

"BecauseIheardtheBabyElephantWalkSong!" I said, literally slurring all my words together in over-excitement and for fear I would say the wrong name if I went too slowly. (Thanks, Gina!)

Van confirmed that I was right and said that I should stay on the line to "make sure that the tickets and I wind up in the same place." So, I did. And I was shaking. Which was strange because I didn't at all think I was that nervous...and maybe it was just the rush of adrenaline for actually winning something! I've called in to WHO at least 3 times before this to either give Jan Mickelson my thoughts or tell a story about a wedding I was in and I've called into a local station in Detroit twice to give my opinion to Bob Dutko. Oh, I have to mention that when you win on WHO (at least on the V&B show), you don't get pawned off to another operator. Bonnie actually picked up the call and gave me all the details on how to get my free tickets. THAT was nice!
The combination of Van, Bonnie, baby elephants and free tickets would be enough to give any good Iowan a good adrenaline rush! When I was a child and we would go to the circus, I would get goosebumps and tears would well up when I saw the baby elephants. Oh, the magnificence!

I can't wait to go to the zoo!


HonorMommy said...

Congratulations! :-D I miss Van and Bonnie....

Mom Engle said...

Yeah for you!!! I want to go too? Who doesn't love
baby elephants?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Go you! Our kids are SO excited to go see the elephant at the zoo. We have a membership so I think we can go to a special pre-show showing. :)

I've called WHO a couple times and I always get really spazzy and freaked out too. It's not just you. ;)

Sarah said...

Oooh, pre-show! Fun! Maybe our tickets will count for that day?? I know...it's hard not to spaz out when you've just been on the radio, for whatever reason.

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