Monday, May 5, 2008

He Fixed the Flagpole...

I'm so proud of my brave husband. You may not think that fixing the flagpole calls for much bravery, but holy cow it's a high-in-the-sky job to do and if you're afraid of heights (apparently, Jim is not) then, you would say it's a brave thing to do.

I'm not afraid of heights. Well, at least last time I checked I seemed just fine on the Ferris Wheel. I enjoy sitting on my garage roof and sometimes venturing onto the roof of my house. But, I've never gone sky-diving (a secret goal of Jim's someday) and I don't intend to.

I think it's clearly insane to jump out of a plane and hope that a piece of rope, pulled at just the right time, will release a parachute to keep you from hitting the ground at whatever speed, deadly in any case. Even if the chute does work, you have to be very particular about how you land so you don't break your legs off. I'm just not into freaking out for no apparent reason.

I can see myself having a heart attack or fainting or pushing out the instructor dude before EVER jumping out of a flying, up-in-the-air-hundreds-of-feet plane.

So, all that to say. My husband is brave. But, if he ever so much as thinks about sky-diving. I might accidently throw the term "crazy" in there as well.


princessofsomething said...

oooh, my kids saw him up there the other day and they thought he was very brave! LOL

Sarah said...

That was probably a windy day when he couldn't stay up there long enough to actually fix it! :) Yes...then, he was even braver. He said it was swaying back and forth a lot...and that it was a little too wobbly for his taste!

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