Thursday, May 15, 2008

Handy Downs & Nine Babies

"I like Handy Downs because you don't have to use any money."

Now that's my kind of 7 year old girl!


After playing "Wedding" with some girls across the street:

"Now let's say you had nine babies all at once and they all died except for us two, then you died because you got cancer from having nine babies."

Only a little morbid...


While in the imaginary hospital after giving birth to baby #1:

Hands an imaginary phone to the "nurse" and says, a little indignantly, "Can you please tell my husband I had a baby!"

I intervene from the kitchen "Didn't you just tell him?"

"He won't believe me!"

I play along, "After NINE months of being pregnant, he won't believe that you just had a baby?"

"Well," she replies, "He's been on a trip in Canada for the past three months."

"So, for SIX months he didn't realize you were pregnant?" I asked, still enjoying playing along.

"I told him once, then he forgot."

"Ohhh." I answered. "He's pretty forgetful."


Playing House:

I somehow get talked into playing the grocery store clerk:

"How much is this?" she asks, holding up a necklace.

"$5,374." is my guesstimate.

She hands me a dime and takes the necklace.


While one girl is "grocery shopping" (for jewelry), the other two are baby-sitting at "home" hence, playing house.

"You should baby-sit now," one of them said to me, the Grocery Store Clerk.

She plops the baby-doll in my lap.

"Mom" gets "home" from "grocery shopping."

"Hey!" she cries. "Where's my baby!"

"With the other baby-sitter," they point to me, the guilty party.

"Mom" comes to me, tears the baby away from me, "Don't ever baby-sit unless I call you first!"

Neighbor girl runs upstairs and back again. "I called the police. You're a mean mommy."

"I'm not that mean. She knows better than that."

"Oh," said the neighbor girl, "Well, the police are coming because they want to see the brand new baby!"


My camera was in the hands of one of the neighbor girls as they were playing...Link to Pictures Coming Soon! They are too funny to miss!


HonorMommy said... I wonder what happened that they think to say "don't ever baby-sit unless I call you first!" :-D Kids are so fun! You want to come babysit my kids???? :-D

Sarah said...

No clue where they would get that! :) You know how to reach me...I'll babysit if you pay the airfare! :)

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