Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fun, Fun and More Fun

Yesterday, Kayle and I took a Nature Walk around the block. We brought a notebook and pen along with a grocery bag for keeping any Nature Walk findings.

We found things like "colorful sticks, holes shaped like hearts and bear heads, unknown grasses and 18 Twolups."

Next, we invited the neighbor girls over to play wedding. There was no groom. No one wanted to be the boy, with the exception of being the Pastor, which was an immediately claimed role. Kayle walked down the aisle, the others waited with wilted lilacs and Bible in hand. It was quite the event and a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding.

The day wasn't complete without a dinner party, of course. Kayle wanted to surprise her mom with a fancy dinner, the table set for a King...or Queen, in this case. We made place cards, used pretty napkins, set the table with the best plates and used our flowers from our Nature Walk to make it as beautiful as ever. We also made mini-square bowls out of paper (Origami) and filled them with M&M's for dessert. Kayle set the keyboard downstairs to play "Pachabel's Canon" over and over for mood music. Nothing, I tell you, NOTHING was left out.

Here are some pictures of our glorious findings from our walk around the block, the wedding, the dinner party and the ones you've been waiting for, mentioned in the previous post "Handy Downs & Nine Babies."

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