Friday, May 9, 2008

This Is Not a Post

This computer is SLOW!

So, I'm not going to post today.

Well, nothing of much interest...just that I'm not going to post. It took me 10 minutes (10 minutes too long), 10 minutes of listening to the "clicks" and other strange noises old and slow computers make, 10 very long minutes to get to this point, of posting that is, and I've decided not to. I'm too busy. I have to run to Wally World, pick up some TP and lipstick then to Target to get a grad card for The Cousin and a baby card for The Other Cousin (I like the Target cards better). After that, I hope visit the local greenhouse and scope out the goodies I want to take home for my yard - pending it's still open. Then I have to do some sneaking around for Mother's Day surprises. So, I don't have time for a post today. You'll just have to settle for reading my Not Post instead.

(I'm about to click on the "publish post" button, but somehow it doesn't seem right seeing that I called this a Not Post...they should have a button for clicking called the "publish not post.")

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