Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thrown for a Loop

Ever feel like your day just kind of sent you on one of these:

I'm not particulary fond of roller coasters...much less the type that send you upside down because you are left feeling VERY sore from desperately trying to keep your bum on the seat because somehow that offers security in a place where most people do crazy things on purpose. Yeah. You know what I mean.

Today felt something like that. I was enjoying my day...went to the quilt shop, got permission from The Hubby to buy a kit for a super amazing quilt (the pictures don't do it justice), returned $5 worth of things to the store and got a footlong Sub with the cash. It felt like a free lunch. I went to the local European Market and got German food stuffs and picked up another Burgandy Glow Ajuga plant for my backyard.

The loop came after that...when I thought most loops had already had their chance to invade. The day was mostly over. All I had to do was print out some pictures for our display board, which never got done. My loop distracted me far too much. My loop will remain anonymous, but just so you know - it was loopy. And now I remember what it was about rollercoasters I do not enjoy.


HonorMommy said...

anonymous loops are not any fun....

I hope everything is okay... :-(

Sarah said...

yes...better for sure! I just needed the day to go on...and I was fine. I had to realize that God knew about the Loop and I could rest in Him. :) Plus, a few tears shed on Jim's shoulder really helped!

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